Data Management as a Service Infrastructure

Intelligent Content Management Platform

Build to manage easily billions of unstructured data. Access data effortlessly, quickly in a self-service catalog manner and integrate business workflows.

Unique Catalog

Allows easy search for the user in catalog. The search engine give in one click the different file hosted.

Filter your search

With the different filters, users can retrieve the exact data with minimal efforts. Refine your searches based on parameters like: keywords, metadata, localization.

Visualize Data Lifecycle

The catalog displays all files based on the filter and keyword you indicate. The results are displayed right away. Each data string is completed with a description containing: name, file size, location (cache, tape...), date of creation. etc.

Nodeum - Product Shoot - Images Data Enrichment

Leverage Cloud ML/AI

Enrich data stored on premise or in cloud with the best Cloud based ML/AI engines. Get the most of these platforms to facilitate the organization and classification of your contents. 

TCO Simulator

Toolbox to control the cost of your storage usage. Provide simulation of the cost impact of a new Storage Data Management Strategy.


Turn any Linux platform to a Nodeum appliance in deploying easily an Ansible package. Get the most of your hardware, avoid any locking and get the most of next releases.

Highly Scalable

Scalability in data volumes, number of files and overall performance allow to grow with your needs in keeping the same user experience.

Intuitive Interface

Provide a natural and unique experience for any user using the solution. This helps to keep focus on your business and productivity.

Key Features

Discover the full set of features available into Nodeum. Develop a business focus data management strategy to unlock the value and potential of your data.

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