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    Internal Backup feature

    Internal Backup Feature

    This backup feature save all important information which allow a restoration of the system with the complete configuration.

    Execute the backup process:

    1. Activate the backup feature, then the backup is done in a regular basis (defined during the backup configuration). Be careful to export this backup.
    2. Move the generated backup to external devices.

    In case of failure:

    1. Reinstall Nodeum from scratch in using the last Ansible packages
    2. Copy the generated backup into a folder in Nodeum server.
    3. Restore the backup in using the appropriated procedure.
    4.  The server is now back online.

    Scope of the solution 

    The Backup includes all of these components :

    All databases This includes SQL and NoSQL information : file catalog, metadata, task execution history.
    S3 - Swift API Keys Authentication Key Credentials of S3 and Swift storage provider.
    Data enrichment API Keys Authentication Key Credentials of Machine Learning provider.
    Tasks execution log reports History of each files processed per task.
    Licence Key Nodeum Encrypted License Key



     There are two different types of backup available : 

    Full Backup Backup everything every time
    Incremental Backup Backup only the difference since the last backup

    A full backup is recommended to be executed once a week,  others can be in incremental mode.

    Different scheduling options are available :

    Definition Comments
    Timezone The schedule can be defined based on a different timezone defined Defined by default, it will be the current system timezone
    Recurrence Once   Defined by default, there is no recurrence selected
      Every Minute - Day - Month - Year
      Expands Expand the scope of the recurrence
      Count Option Number of backup


    Schedule a backup

    • Go into settings / backup Menu

    • Click on the + button
    • Then complete the form, here is an example:

    • Save the form


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