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    Settings | 5 min read

    Cache Configuration


    Caching system has to be a /dev/ device :

    • Internal RAID on local disks
    • Internal RAID on JBOD
    • SCSI Attached Storage
    • Linux based block replication (e.g. DRBD, …).

    Cache has to be set only when you use:

    • Container
    • the Global Virtualisation of your storage (active archive Worflow).

    Enable and Configure a Cache into Nodeum

    In case the disk used for the cache is not ready, you need to initialize it by pressing the button.

    The initialization can take some minutes depending the size of the disk.

    Refresh the page until the status is Ready.

    The following message could appear during the initialization, this is normal as the disk is not ready yet.


    Once initialized, you can choose this disk as cache by pressing the  button.

    Now the disk is configured as the cache of Nodeum.  You will see Ready and Used as Cache

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