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    Knowledge Base | 1 min read

    Cannot edit or delete a task

    If you found that in the Nodeum interface, in the Task Listing some tasks have become inaccessible – grey.  

    The buttons on the right side have become grey and inactivated, basically you cannot do anything with these tasks : Run, Edit, Delete :

    Task overview grey button


    This can happened in the version before 1.86.3


    The reason is due to a session clearing in the browser that didn’t happened at time, this has been improved in the next release(s).

    For doing this clearing, you can either shutdown totally your browser or execute this command into the browser “inspector -> Console” : sessionStorage.clear()

    Here is an example :

    browser inpector clear session

    Then logged out and logged in from the Interface


    This has been solved in the 1.86.3  version :  ND-649

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