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    Catalog | 2 min read


    How to retrieve your data?

    With the catalog, it is easy to find your data.

    The search bar help you to find easily and faster data.

    You have multiple filter to refine the search :


    Filter to refine the search  
    all Level Only for the path, you see all files and folders 
    Choose a Container  
    Creation Date  
    File Size  
    Modification Date  
    Path complete the full path
    Select the storage NAS, Object Storage, Tape Library

    This information create command in the search that you can complete manually after choosing filter(s).

    Example of Command to afine the keysearch :

    * file_name:test

    * to get only folder : file_type:0 

    *  to get only files : file_type:1  to get only files

    * Checking if file or folder are in cache : file_in_cache:1

    * Checking if files or folder are not in cache : file_in_cache:0


    Data Lifecycle

    For each Files and Folders, you see its lifecycle.

    Name Name of file or Folder
    Path Path of the folder or file 
    Creation Date
    • Creation date of Files or Folder 
    • Place of Store (Primary Storage and its name)
    Last Modification Date Last modification date of files or folfer and its size 
    Type of Task (Offline , active  Copy/move)

    Ex. :

    it is the date of last offline copy done 

    You can see the following details :

    1. Target where the data are stored for NAS/Cloud backup
    2. Volume if the file/Folder is store on Tape
    3. Pool Name 
    4. Rule : name of task runned
    In cache

    The file or folder are save in Active archive workflows.

    The data is in cache save on a specfic container.
    The user can open the files/Folder directly and bring modification.

    You can click on each information to affine the search result.

    Example :

    data lifecycle on files


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