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    Characters Set Support

    Characters Set Support

    Nodeum supports only the UTF-8 characters set for the name of the files and folders managed by the application, either local shares or mount points.

    UTF-8 encodes each of the 1,112,064 valid code points in Unicode using one to four 8-bit bytes. Code points with lower numerical values, which tend to occur more frequently, are encoded using fewer bytes. The first 128 characters of Unicode, which correspond one-to-one with ASCII, are encoded using a single octet with the same binary value as ASCII, so that valid ASCII text is valid UTF-8-encoded Unicode as well.

    UTF-8 Restrictions
    Some special characters of UTF-8 have restrictions:

    • The following characters / and | are not allowed in file or folder names
    • The following characters % and : cannot be used as a single character file or folder name.

    All files or folders encoded with a different set of characters will be encoded with %MNGA182 then HEX of the source name.

    Non-supported characters
    Nodeum do not support the " | " (pipe) in any of the fields; using this character is not autorized.

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