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    Data Container Configuration

    Data Container - Definition

    The Data Conainer inside Nodeum is the point of access for data stored when you use the active archive workflow.
    • The container is using the local Nodeum caching system when data are copied. 
    • The container can be accessible : 
    as a Network Shared Folder into the Nodeum's server in using NFS/SMB protocols
    as a S3 bucket in using S3 protocol in port 9000.
    • Permissions can be set, with specific Users & Groups to access.
    • Even if the file stored on a secondary storage, the user see the file, the user can retrieve it easily and the user keep the access to the data.

    How to create a Container ?

    This step offer you the possibility to create a container you use inside Nodeum to provide a Global Virtualization of your Storage.

    Container can be accessible via these protocol :

    • NFS
    • SMB
    • S3

    You configure at this stage the rights and Priviledges for the differents users.

    Here is the different step to create a container :

    1. Click on the button 

    2. Complete the information request 
    Maximum Size Specify the maximum size to allocate to this container (0 equals no limitation)
    Allocated cache resources Specify the percentage of the overall data container size to allocate to this container (0 equals no limitation)
    Container Name Name of the container. (If it is used for S3, please refer to the Specifications for the naming conventions)
    Comment Free text area to add comments

      3.  Click on apply

    Once the container is created, you need to specify the permission for it.

    You have some options available for each folder :

     To modify the configuration of the container
     To delete the container
     To set the permissions to the container

    Finally, you can set first the privilegde for the Guest account and then the permission for each user or group of users.

    You choose the user(s) and select the permission as you need like:

    • Read
    • Write
    • Read Only
    • No access.

    How to use a Container with a S3 Protocol ?

    If you have Application or Server configured to store their data in S3.  Nodeum can receive directly the data into a specific Container.

    For this, you need to configure some parameters to activate the communication between the Application and Nodeum.

    Here is the different steps to follow :

    1. Create a specific user 
    2. Enable the S3 access for this User and Nodeum will generate automatically the Key id and Password you need to receive S3 data.
    3. Create a container and give the privileges to the user you have just created above.
    4. Activate for this specific user an access Read/Write

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