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    Settings | 3 min read

    Date & Time


    The Date & Time can be set :

    • NTP
    • Manual


    Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol for synchronizing the clocks of different computer systems and have matching times across the platforms.

    If you choose NTP configuration for the server the Timezone is set on UTC Time.


    NTP configuration is mandatory if NODEUM has to be connected to an Active Directory server. In an Active Directory environment, it is very important for all clocks to be within 5 minutes of each other (by default) due to the implementation of the Kerberos protocol for authentication.


    Manual Setting

    To configure manually the Time and Date, unselect the use of NTP and configure the correct Date and Time.




    Server Operating System is defined to work in UTC.

    The Nodeum GUI is using the Browser Time ; and the application use the local time set with the NTP.
    In the background, the Nodeum scheduling use the UTC time as time reference. Conversions are done automatically by the application.


    Browser time
    Operating System X  
    Nodeum Web Gui   X

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