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    How to Exclude specific file during files transfer (fcpcache)

    There are some situation where you business activities generate a lot of symbolic links, hidden files automatically ; this can be links , caching, temporary files, ... and then you don't expect to get these files archive or protect ; we do have solution for this use case.

    When you create a workflow task, you need to choose an exclusion filtering ; with this filter you will determine the symbolic files you want to exclude. Regex are available for helping to determine the best scope.

    We have customers using Final Cut Pro, they are facing to the question "fcpcache" files, and they do not want to archive it.
    This example shows the filter definition : If you don't want to copy fcpcache files, you can add a filter in your task with arguments "doesn't match" - and "*.fcpcache" ; the result is that the Workflow will exclude these files during each run.

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