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    Settings | 9 min read

    General Settings

    General Configuration

    Define the global values of the overall processes of Nodeum.

    Cache cleaning Parameters


    Default value

    Cache Delay

    Define the number of seconds before a file is eligible for automatic cache cleaning.

    900 sec.

    Cleaning percent

    If the available space (free space) is less than the defined percentage of the total size of cache,

    the automatic cache cleaning is launched to free-up some space on the cache.


    Task Parameters


    Default Value

    Memory Threshold

    Threshold of used memory preventing to start a new task.


    Rules Threshold

    Threshold of the number of active tasks preventing the start of a new task.

    20 tasks

    Modules Activation


    Data Access Audit

    Audit the file access into each Containers.  (Not available for now)

    not activated

    Data Management Audit

    Audit the actions done in the Web GUI per user




    Activate debug Trace

    Enable detailed debug trace generation.  This has to be enable for troubleshooting.  

    the generated files can overload the system disk space

    not activated


    Tape Configuration


    Default Value
    Max. Tapes Number of Tapes manage by Nodeum 15000
    LTFS unmount idle time idle time after when LTFS will be unmounted (in minutes) 30 Min.


    ACSLS Server Configuration

    If Nodeum has to connect to an ACSLS server to manage Oracle Tape Libraries, you need to configure the ACSLS server definition.

    Fill in the following parameters:




    IP Address

    Complete IP address of the ACSLS Server


    User ID

    User ID defined in the ACSLS configuration


    Mapping Nodeum IP Address

    IP address of the Nodeum server used to connect to the ACSLS server


    Send Port

    Port defined in ACSLS to accept request.

    (0: uses any port)

    Return Port

    Define the return port used by ACSLS to send back a reply

    (0: uses any port)

    Server Timeout

    Timeout of the ACSLS server to send back a reply


    Start Local Port and Max Local Port

    In security tight environments where firewalls are involved, it might be necessary

    to specify which range of source ports are in use in order to open them in the firewalls.

    Start Local Port defines the starting port and Max Local Port defines the number of ports.


    Timeout Local Port

    Timeout on the local port connection


    Refer to the ACSLS documentation and configuration for more information about those different ACSLS parameters.

    Data Enrichment Configuration

    Nodeum is able to use Google Vision API and Dephten API to help you to enrich your data.

    For this usage you need :

    • For Google Vision to configure a dedicated cloud pool and upload the Key File. 
    • For Depthen, to add the API key.

    Catalog Configuration

    1.  Indexation 

    Sometimes, it's required to index the catalog. 

    You can do a full or a delta indexation.

    Type of Indexaton
    Full  a Full which will launch a complete new Indexation
    Delta a delta to sync the new discovered files


    number of rows rendered by the Database
    number of file (s) added or updated in the catalog.

    Each processed file is generated from :

    - The fetched line for the file.

    - The lines relating to the entries in rental.

    - Related metadata lines

    Ex: 1 file with 4 locations and 5 metadata = 10 Fetched for 1 Processed
    number of "processed" files that were modified / deleted at the last index.


    2.  Configuration


    Administrator see everything 

    if enable, this allow all "administrator accounts" to see all contents which are in the catalog.  

    If it is disable, the "administrator accounts" will not see the files they are not granted to see.

    Default Filter

    to hide in the catalog the hidden files (.*)



    Web Configuration

    Cors (Cross-Origin resource Sharing)

    if you need to activate API usage from your browser.

    You can define the CORS per :

    • Origins : this the DNS domain definition or * for everything
    • Path : definition of API path url , * is a wildcard
    • Methods : you can be granular on the method you want to allow GET / POST / PUT / DELETE / OPTIONS

    Multiple rules can be define to adapt exactly the rules set you want.

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