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    Settings FAQ | 2 min read

    How to change the default Nodeum Administrator User UID?


    Nodeum creates an Administrator User, by default this user has the ID : 1000.  This ID is created automaticly when the packages are deployed.

    Before installation :

    If you already has an user with the same ID, you will have two choices : either you change your exisiting user to another ID or you have to assign another ID for Nodeum Administrator User.

    You can change your existing User's ID :

    If you have already users with this ID, you have to change it in using this command :

    "username" is the username
    [root@NODEUM~]# usermod -u 1001 "process"

    You can't change your exisiting User's ID :

    To solve this incompatibility, you need to change this variable before the installation.

    These settings are defined in the vars/main.yml file of Ansible package.

    ldap_users: [
    {name: "admin", uid: "1000", gid: "1000", password: "password"}

    You have to replace the number uid : "1000" by another available ID in your system. 

    Be careful, don't change the gid ID value


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