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    Import an LTFS Tape

    How to import into Nodeum an LTFS Tape ?  

    Before using Nodeum, you probably using the LTFS protocol. You have LTFS Tape  in your tape library and you need to import into Nodeum your data set.

    How to proceed?

    • Insert in your tape Library the tape to import
    • Create a Maintenance task to scan an LTFS media 
    Type of action Mover
    Tapes  Scan an LTFS Media
    • Launch the task 

    Result after the task processed with success

    • Information are known by Nodeum
    • Information are display in all metrics (tape reporting, tape Overview, Catalog
    • Information on tape can be easily reloaded


    It's very useful to :

    • catalog your data and to avoid to make a data migration tape to tape.  Your team improve their productivity.
    • Facilitate the migration of a LTFS Appliance.  It's very transparent.  The migration of the solution Scalar LTFS is validated by Nodeum.
    • Facilitate the exchange of contents with your customers or partners.  

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