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    Product Specification | 6 min read

    Limitations specifications

    Size Limitations

    Multiple size limitations are defined in the application.  

    Here is the list :

    Number of Tasks 18.446.744.073.709.551.615 
    Number of Files / Directories (*) 18.446.744.073.709.551.615
    Number of Containers 100
    Maximum length for a file name (**) 255 characters 
    Maximum combined length of both the file name and path name (**) 4096 characters (***)
    Size of Primary Storage Name 56 characters
    Size of DNS Name in Primary Storage 256 characters
    Size of Options in Primary Storage 256 characters
    Size of User in Primary Storage 56 characters
    Size of Password in Primary Storage 56 characters
    Size of Tape Library Name 250 characters
    Size of Tape Pool Name 255 characters
    Size of Barcode 8 characters
    Size of Task Name 255 characters
    Size of MetaData Name 256 characters
    Size of MetaData Value 256 characters
    Size of MetaData Custom_Field Name 256 characters
    Size of MetaData Custom_Field Value

    256 characters

    (*) This number includes all the files managed, in other words: active files, archive files, data exchange files as well as deleted files.

    (**) If a special character is detected (non UTF-8), the name will be encoded with %MNGA182 then HEX of the source name and this will reduce the the size of the name (the special character will take 4 characters space).

    (***) This length matches the PATH_MAX that is supported by the operating system. The Unicode representation of a character can occupy several bytes, so the maximum number of characters that comprises a path and file name can vary. The actual limitations are :

    1. the number of bytes in the path and file components, which might correspond to an equal number of characters.
    2. which is superseded by maximum of 21845 characters


    S3 Storage Limitations

    Max. number of buckets no limit
    Max. number of multipart uploads returned per list multiparts uploads request 1000
    Max. number of objects per bucket no limit
    Max. number of objects returned per list parts request 1000
    Max. number of parts per upload 10.000
    Max. number of parts returned per list parts request 1000
    Max. object size  5 TB
    Max. object size per PUT operation 5TB
    Min. object size 0 B
    Part size 5 MB to 5GB. Last part can be 0 B to 5 GB


    S3 Data Access Limitations 

    Rule : If the Container has to be accessible in S3, the name needs to follow a specific naming convention : 

    Max. char 25
    Min. char 4
    First char As to be Lower Case
    No supported

    No underscore (_)

    Last char shouldn’t be a dash (-)

    No two consecutives comma (;;)

    No two consecutives dash (–)

    No ip address


    Tape Library Limitations 

    Number of Tape Libraries 16
    Number of Drives 256
    Number of Tapes 15000
    Barcode Length Volume Label Format required to be Full Label or have 8 characters (example : ABC123Lx where x is the LTO generation).


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