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    Task Maintenance for Tapes

    Nodeum provides differents types of maintenance dedicated for tape Library.

    • Format a media in LTFS
    • Scan a LTFS Media
    • Check tape media consistency
    • Rehydratation


    Format a media in LTFS

    Before to using a tape with Nodeum, you need to format the media with the appliance.  The media will be formated in LTFS ansd you can start to use it.

    Scan a LTFS Media

    The scan is used to discover content on LTFS Tape.  The contents are added automaticly in the catalog.

    Check tape media consistency

    This feature allows to check the consistency of a media.

    Tape Rehydratation

    The rehydratation process optimize the space of a tape.

    When files are deletting on tape, files aren't really erase.  To erase completely the files, it's require to do a rehydration task.

    This is a result of a file erase or update actions ; to optimize the performance and the end-user experience.

    In these situations, Nodeum doesn't delete or modify the files stored in the tapes ; for a delete, the link in the catalog is removed and for an update, the new version is written and the index pointer is changed. The files are never physically deleted from the tape.

    The consequence is that when a certain amount of file deletion or updates are done, the ratio between the free space capacity and the real consumed space in these tapes are out of balance.

    To rehydrate a tape, you need to create a Maintenance Task.

    1. Complete the form , and 

      Define the information about the Task

    The first parameters to configure are the name and some comments about the Task.

    Fill in the following information:

    • Name: Describe the name of the Task.
    • Comments: Insert comments about the Task.

             3. Select Rehydration

     4.  Choose one or several tapes

             5. Schedule the Task

     6. Define Other Options

    • Priority: If multiple tasks are running simultaneously, tasks with higher priority will be run first.  You can choose Priority 1 until Max. 10.

      The Higher Priority is 10, thus if you consider that this task is the higher priority, you must choose 10.

      Option of Conditions to run a task rehydration Description
      Usage Threshold The capacity used of the tape must be higher or equal than % set in option (star)
      Deleted files Threshold The number of files candidated to be erase must be higher or equal than % set in option (star)

      (star) These options are cumulative.

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