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    Settings | 6 min read

    NAS Configuration

    How to Connect a NAS Storage to Nodeum ?

    Nodeum needs to connect storage as Nas.

    First, go to settings modul - Hardware - Storage and Choose Nas in the pannel


    • To add a NAS Storage, click the button
    • Fill the following parameters to configure the storage :
    Parameters Definition


    Complete the name of the storage




    Choose the protocol SMB or NFS


    Choose the version of the protocol

    For SMB : Version 1 - 2.1 and 3.0

    For NFS : Version 3 - 4


    Complete the Hostname

    Once, your storage is known by Nodeum, you need to map the target you want connect to Nodeum to run the Workflow.

    How to map NAS Target to Nodeum ?

    First, go to storage services module and Choose Nas.  At this stage, you have a complete overview of all NAS Target known by Nodeum.

    • To add a NAS Target, click the button
    • Fill the following parameters to configure the storage :

    Once you have created the Nas Target, you directly see if the NAS is Online or Offline



    NAS is Online


    NAS is Offline

    To reconnect the NAS, just push on the button to refresh the connection




    The name of a NAS Storage is unique.  You can't have several NAS Storage with the same Name.

    If you delete a NAS Storage which are already used by workflow, the system refused to create a new NAS with the same name.


    After the creation of the user in Nodeum - Don't Forget to give the rights and priviledges to access to your NAS Storage.

    If the user hasn't access, the tasks and operation inside Nodeum will be impossible.


    Security Mode

    Allowed values are in mount options if needed :

    The default in mainline kernel versions prior to v3.8 was sec=ntlm.  In v3.8, the default was changed to sec=ntlmssp.

    sec =
    none attempt to connection as a null user (no name)
    krb5 Use Kerberos version 5 authentication
    krb5i Use Kerberos authentication and forcibly enable packet signing
    ntlm Use NTLM password hashing
    ntlmi Use NTLM password hashing and force packet signing
    ntlmv2 Use NTLMv2 password hashing

    Use NTLMv2 password hashing and force packet signing


    Use NTLMv2 password hashing encapsulated in Raw NTLMSSP message


    Use NTLMv2 password hashing encapsulated in Raw NTLMSSP message, and force packet signing



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