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    Network Configuration


    Nodeum is a software running on a Linux Operating System. The network interface(s) and IP configuration(s) are defined into the Operating Systems when the Nodeum GUI displays what is configured.

    Furthermore, there are three parameters that need to be configured in the "Settings / Hardware / Network" section :

    • Hostname
    • Primary DNS
    • Secondary DNS

    Hostname should have a maximum of 15 characters if AD authentication is set.

    The Interface listing display different informations about the status of each connection. An important information is the status of each interface :

    Status of Interface
    Connected The interface is connected
    Disconnected The interface is disconnected.
    Unmanaged The status is unknown , the reason is that the interface is not managed by network manager

    If the status of the adapter is "unmanaged", this means that the adapter is not managed by the system.

    To allow it to be managed, you need to update the file ifconfig-emX in the directory :


    In this file, there is a parameter NM_CONTROLLED that has to be set to yes

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