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    Product Specification | 1 min read

    How path are managed during file transfert ?

    Maintain original folders

    For any type of data movement, the workflow managers always maintain the original path where the contents were originally stored.

    Business applications are configured to access the same folders ; even if data have been moved. It is why it is very important that when data are retrieved, they are recopied into their original folder.

    Meanwhile, Nodeum offers different options to change this behavior and provide solution to relocate the contents into another folder structure.

    Destination Folder Option

    This option allow the specification of a different target destination.  This relocates all files into another folder than the origin.  Thus, Nodeum append the new defined target destination with the original path.

    See this example , where we keep as default the destination folder :

    • Reload Task from a specific file stored in LTFS Tape. you can see the selected file :data source selection
    • In destination tab, choose a destination, and keep the destination folder by default.destination selection with destination folder
    • Execute the task, then you can see that the file has been copied in the selected destination. In the list of file name processed, you can see the original full path.task execution summary

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