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    Server Specification


    The solution can be deployed on

    • Physical server (x86 commodity servers)
    • Virtual Server

    Global Recommendations

    To get the most of the software, we recommend the following specifications :

      Up to 10 Million Files Up to 100 Million Files Up to 1 Billion Files
    Memory 32 GB 128GB Upon Request
    Core CPU 6 2 x 12 Upon Request
    Disk (system) 110 GB 900 GB Upon Request

    Note : These are, of course, the minimum requirements. For advanced configuration and setup, don't hesitate to contact our support which will assist you in the right sizing.


    Virtual Servers

    Nodeum supports hypervisors :

    Hypervisors Supported VMware Environnement 
            - ESXi 5.x
            - ESXi 6.x
            - Fusion 4.x
            - Fusion 5.x
            - Fusion 6.x
            - Fusion 7.x
            - Fusion 8 x and later 
            - Workstation 8.x
            - Workstation 9.x
            - Workstation 10.x
            - Workstation 11.x
            - Workstation 12.x and later 

    Note : Tape Libraries are not supported on Virtual Machine.  To configure a Tape Library, you need to install Nodeum on a physical server.



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