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    Software Status | 7 min read

    Services Monitoring

    Nodeum provides administrators insights into the health of their Nodeum services. To provide the best experience a specific page is available in the WebGUI. This is located in the main menu system / services.

    This page displays all services that run on your system and allows you to monitor the state of each one and also to stop or start each service independently. 

    This page contains two different sections, the first one lists the specific Nodeum services and the second one list all system-related services.

    Here are the specifications and detailed information for each service :

    Service Status
    • Green : service is running
    • Yellow : service is not running, but the service is not mandatory for a normal execution of Nodeum.
    • Red : service is not running, service is mandatory for a normal execution of Nodeum.
    Service Name This is the name of the service
    Version  This is the version of the service
    • Restart the service
    • Stop the service


    Nodeum Services

    Name Description  Mandatory
    Notification Manager Service managing all Nodeum services supervision and inter-process communication handler yes
    Core Manager Workflow Manager, task orchestration and storage connection handler yes
    Tape Library Manager Tape Library and Drive management yes
    Data Mining Data Collector and handling system statistic analyses yes
    File System Virtualization Provide global file system virtualization across storage node. no
    Watchdog Service Monitoring Manager, execute the automatic task restart yes
    Ref. File Parsing Service which handle the xml/json file parsing no
    Scheduler Task Scheduling service which manage execution of task at selected time. yes
    File Listing Processing Service that index the content of Primary Storage no
    Indexation Engine Service  no


    System Services

    Name Description Mandatory
    Solr Content Indexation Engine which provides fast access at each content yes
    NGINX HTTP Web Service yes
    Delayed: Job Delayed Job is used to execute tasks as a background process in Rails environment. This increases page rendering speed in having background asynchronous jobs processing. This deals with when Nodeum has to process long-running web services. yes
    MySQL Database Management - Mysql Service yes
    MongoDB Database Management - MongoDB Service yes
    MinIO Data Transport - S3 Frontend Service NO
    NFS Data Transport - NFS Service yes
    SMB Data Transport - SMB Service yes
    SNMP Monitoring  - SNMP Service yes
    SLAPD Authentification  - SLAPD Service yes
    NSLCD Authentification  - NSLCD Service yes


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