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    Workflow | 5 min read

    Status of Tasks and Files

    List of Status available during a task execution

    1. Task Status

    Status Definition Action to do
    Calculating Task is in preparation, the system lists all contents that have to be processed  
    In progress Task is running  
    Writing Data are writing  
    Reading Data are reading  
    Done Task is finished with success  
    Stop by User Task stop by a user prior the end  
    Finish with Warning

    Task is finished but not all files were processed correctly.

    see in the processed filed  to better understand why the message appears.
    Stop by System


    Task stopped by the System.


    To understand why the system stop the task : Go in the task's log
    Error The task is in Error  


    Files Status

    Status Definition  Actions
    EACCESS Permission Denied on File (in Source or in Destination). Check the privilege. 
    EINVAL Invalid Argument. The device is not manage or the device is not well configured. Check the Configuration.
    ENOSPC Not enough space on the device. Move Data from Cache to Secondary Storage.
    EROFS File system is in Read Only. Verify your file system permission.

    Some special characters in the name of the file could block the process of this file.

    The number of characters (in the file's name) is too long.

    Problem can happened to read file ; can be a permission problem.

    Rename the file with appropriated character(s) and restart the task.

    Check in the Primary Storage if the file is available.

    Verify the permission in the origin storage.

    FATALERR Problem in LTFS format task.  

    File remove from the secondary storage 

    Ex. create an offline storage task to copy file(s) from NAS to another storage , if the task runs during 15h and during this time a user erases the file from the source NAS, the offline process can't retrieve the file and then indicates "Get cache error'.

    LTFSERR Problem in LTFS mount task. Make a tape Consistency.
    MLERROR Error during a data enrichment.  
    NOTEMPTY Impossible to delete a folder which is not empty.  
    • File source doesn't exist.
    • File source is not available.

    This situation is due because the file(s) are not on the source or on the destination.

    Check the connectivity of Storage 
    • Storage is not connected to Nodeum. 
    • Tape barcode is not readable
    • Connect the Storage.
    • Check the barcode of the tape 
    OK Files copy or move with Success.  
    PARTIAL Partial file copy done with success.  
    SKIP File skip during the copy because a file with the same name already exist and the option "Conflict Resolution" is set on "Ignore" during the task creation.  
    TAPEERR Tape drive or Tape Library on Error. Check if the tape library is ready.
    UPTODATE The exact same file(s) already exist into the destination.  


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