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    Storage Pool Configuration

    Storage Pool is a requirement before configuring a Workflow. The storage pool is the abstraction layer between the task movement and the different storage devices.

    Storage Pools are defined in each class of storage :

    • NAS,
    • Cloud
    • and Tape.

    Furthermore, this abstraction does the difference between what is considered as Primary Storage and as Secondary Storage.

    For Secondary Storage, pools can be defined to organize the different storage systems available per type of Workflow Policy.

    Pool Storage configuration

    Navigate to Storage Services - Pool

    1. Add a new pool (NAS, Cloud or Tape)
    2. Complete the form 
    3. Select a type of Pool : 
      - Primary Storage (only available for NAS & Cloud Pool)
      - Active Archive 
      - Offline archive
      - Data Exchange (only for tape pool)
    4. Save the Form

    Your are done and you can start using the pool in the Ecosystem Management.

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