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    Symbolic links or Pointers

    What happened when files are moved from a primary Storage NAS ?

    Each workflow in Nodeum which have a Primary Storage as a source has the choice to either copy  or move the data. 

    When the move option is defined, the file is deleted from the storage. We do not let any stub, pointer, links in replacement of the file.

    What are the reasons do to that ?

    1.  The first one is that as we want to be compatible with most of NAS system in staying 100M agent less. Pointer, widelink are not always supported by these systems. 
    2. The second one is that backup or antivirus software can traverse the links ; the behavior is a massive data retrieval from the archive storage with a huge impact on the primary one. Which will quickly fully loaded.

    Our solutions to answer this

    Nodeum provides their owned file system on top of the archive storages. It is possible to access this file system with S3, NFS, SMB access, edit or delete files. There are automatic and secure data movement processing which are implemented to move the data back and force.

    Furthermore, the data mover workflow can move back each data to its storage origin.

    In summary, this allows the best solution for preventing any break out into the production primary storage and provides the best efficiency in the archived storage.

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