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    Tape Library ACSLS - Configuration

    Configuration Step by Step

    To set an ACSLS Tape Library, you need to follow these different steps :


    Configure the ACSLS Server

      1. Go to Setting - Configuration - Tape  - ACSLS Server

      2. Complete the IP Address and other information is required : 

    IP Address Complete the IP Address of the server

    User ID

    When Access Control is in use, this allows the ACSLS Server to use the client user identification (user_id) to selectively restrict client access to commands (mount, query volume) and/or volume ranges.

    Send Port

    The port number defined here (port on which Nodeum sends his requests) must match the CSI Host Port defined in the ACSLS (port on which the ACSLS listen to incoming requests).

    • 0 = Nodeum will let the Portmapper get a free port (default value)
    • Any decimal value between 1024-65535 = Nodeum will send his requests to this specific port on the ACSLS server.

    Return port

    This specifies to the ACSLS the return communication port to be used when sending a reply (this is the port on which the 5193 listens to ACSLS replies).

    • 0 = ACSLS will select ANY free port to return the reply to Nodeum (default).
    • Any decimal value between 1024-65535 = defines a specific port that ACSLS will use to return the reply to Nodeum.

    Start Local Port

    Starting port number

    • 0 = Nodeum uses any free port on the local platform to send a request to the ACSLS Server.
    • Any decimal value between 1024-65535 = Nodeum uses a free port in the range of ports defined by this starting port and the max local port value on the local platform to send a request to the ACSLS Server.

    Max local port

    Maximum number of ports to define the range of ports to send a request to the ACSLS Server.

    Server Timeout

    Timeout local port: Timeout on the local port connection.

    💡Once the ACSLS server is configured, the services of Nodeum have to be restarted.

    Configure the Tape Library

      1. Go to Setting - Hardware - Storage - Tape Library - Configuration

      2. Click on "Display non-configured libraries" and choose the tape Library you want configure and save

        1. Complete the name for the Library

        2. Click on this button :   To configure the drives 

      3. To configure the drive, you need to click first on "Display non-configured drives" and select drive you need to configure and save 

        1. Complete the following  information : 

          1. Name: Name of the drive.

          2. Comment: Text area to comment the library.

          3.  ACS  : complete a number between 0 to 31

          4.  LSM : complete a number between 0 to 126

          5.  Panel : complete a number between 0 to 60

          6.  Transport : complete a number between 0 to 31

        2. Save


    After these configurations, verify that the Tape Library and Drive are ready in the Overview.
    If yes, Go tho manage your data.



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