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    Tape Library disconnected - Maintenance Mode or not ready


    In Nodeum Tape Library Configuration Overview, it can appear that the Tape Drives or the Tape Library display the following status :

    • Maintenance Mode
    • Not Ready.


    To explain this status, we invite you to check into the Tape Library interface itself, and to verify if one of these return error codes can be seen :

    • Tape Library Not Ready or Disable
    • Unit Offline
    • Tape Library in Maintenance Mode
    • Mailslot or Magazine open
    • Drive in Cleaning Mode
    • Firmware update


    When the Tape Library meets one of these status, Nodeum display in The Tape Library Overview the status "Not Ready"

    For examples,

    • when the "magazine" of the Tape Library is open,
    • when user places new tapes in the "magazine" of the Tape Library,
    • if the "magazine" is not well closed

    In all of these cases, Nodeum can't run any tasks. 

    To solve this, you have to execute the following steps : restart the Nodeum Services.

    If you don't restart the Nodeum Services, it's impossible for Nodeum to do a clean and proper reconnection with the Tape Library or the Tape Drive.

    Even if you restart directly the Tape Library, you must ALWAYS restart the Services of Nodeum.



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