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    Tape Library is Not Ready


    What do you need to do if you see in the Event Log this message: Tape Library is not ready ?

    There are multiple reasons that can bring your Tape Library not available, here are different validation checks you can do.

    You can start by checking these different items:

    1. The Magazine is maybe open and the tape library is then see in "Offline Status". The solution is the close the opened Magazine.

    2. In the Tape Library Configuration, you can also have the "sg" device missing.

    A tape library with normal configuration :

    A Tape Library which have missing "sg" device :

    You need to check your SAS of Fiber Channel connection.  Perhaps the connections are maybe not well connected. 

    3. In the Tape Library Configuration, you can see the "sg" device in the "Tape Librairies - Configuration panel" is different than the ouput of the command "lssci -g"

    Configuration panel

    # lscsi -g
    [0:2:0:0] disk DELL PERC H710P 3.13 /dev/sda /dev/sg0
    [0:2:1:0] disk DELL PERC H710P 3.13 /dev/sdb /dev/sg1
    [3:0:0:0] tape IBM ULT3580-HH5 F991 /dev/st0 /dev/sg2
    [3:0:1:0] tape IBM ULT3580-HH6 G9P1 /dev/st1 /dev/sg3
    [3:0:1:1] mediumx IBM 3573-TL E.20 /dev/sch0 /dev/sg4

    If there is a desynchronization between the device "sg", the solution is to click on the toggle "Display non-configured libraries" and restart the Tape Library service. This will synchronize the device.




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