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    Tape Library SCSI - Configuration

    Step by step Configuration

    Multiple Tape Library from different vendors can be configured.

    Configuration of a Tape Library 

    To configure a tape library you need to follow the following steps:

    • Navigate to Settings - Hardware - Storage and choose Tape Library in the panel
    • Click on the Toggle Button "Display non-configured libraries"
    • Select the tape library you need to configure and after edit the column to complete the information required like :

    Mandatory Information


    Complete a name


    Select the supported emulation for your Tape Library

    • Configure the drive used by this Tape Library and click on the toggle button "display non-configured drives" and then select the drives
    • Save the configuration

    Important Informations

    Tape Barcode Requirement

    Tape Library must be configured to return the 8 characters of the Tapes Barcode, such as: ABC123Lx (x = the LTO version).

    Also Tape Barcode has to be unique. Even if multiple Tape Libraries are configured, you are not allowed to use identical barcode in the different Tape Libraries !

    Check the status of the Tape Library



    Tape library is configured

    Not Configured

    Tape library is not configured


    Tape library is connected and operational.

    Not Ready

    Tape library is either not connected or not operational.


    Check the status of the Tape Drives 



    Tape drive is configured

    Not configured

    Tape drive is not configured


    Tape drive is connected and operational


    Tape drive is connected but in maintenance mode


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