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    Workflow | 3 min read

    Task Overview

    This Dashboard provides the global overview of all tasks activities. Three different sections are available :

    • Upcoming Task
    • Running task
    • History

    To facilitate the search, you have different filters to retrieve easily the task you want to see.


    This section shows the task(s) scheduled.  You can skip it if needed.


    This section provides the list of the task(s) which are currently running.  

    For each of these tasks, you can

    1. see the detail and the status
    2. Pause the process of the task
    3. Stop the process of the task
    4. Resume a task paused


    This section is the list of task already run.

    Task Report 

    Informations Definition  
    1. Task starts the x date and at x hours
    2. Elapsed time for the task
    3. Estimated remaining time to process the task
    1. Offline Archive
    2. Active Archive
    3. Data Exchange

    Move or Copy to a destination:

     Network Shared Folder named Container



    Processed size size of data processed  
    Processed items Number of items of data processed To see the good process click on the tab processed items* 
    Logs Details of task's log  

    The complete task report, can be download.  This report contains all files processed during the task.  You can download in the processed items.




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