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    Installation FAQ | 1 min read

    Web GUI not accessible after a Nodeum version upgrade

    Problem :

    Nodeum Web interface is not available. You can access the system via terminal but not via the Web interface.

    You have some error message such as :

    Check logs in : /opt/nginx/logs/error.log . You can see some permission error messages in the Nginx logs. Permission denied for Passenger - folder tmp.


    This can occurs after a Nodeum version upgrade.

    Root cause :

    The problem is due to a permission mismatch of the tmp folder.


    Verify the user ownership of the subfolders of : /home/nodeum-nginx.

    You will see that the /tmp folder has different user ownership.

    To solve this problem , update the user ownership :  

    chown nodeum-nginx /home/nodeum-nginx/tmp -R

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