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    Windows 2012 - NFS Server Installation & Configuration


    NFS or Network File System is a distributed file system protocol. Through NFS, you can allow a system to share directories and files with others over a network. In NFS file sharing, users and even programs can access information on remote systems almost as if they were residing on a local machine.

    NFS is operated in a client-server environment where the server is responsible for managing the authentication, authorization, and management of clients, as well as all the data shared within a specific file system. Upon authorization, any number of clients can access the shared data as if it was present in their internal storage.

    We have demands of how to install and configure an NFS server in Linux.

    The use case is when Nodeum has to connect to a Linux server as Primary Storage, their are mutliple scenarios and example such as :

    • Computing cluster
    • Editing Station
    • ....

    Enable NFS support

    Step 1 - Open Server Manager Dashboard

    Step 2 - Click in the top panel – Manage section.

    Step 3 - Click on Add Roles and Features


    Step 4 - In installation Type, click on

    1. Role-bases or feature-based installation

    Step 5 -  Verify that the selected server is the one where you want to apply NFS feature

    Step 6 - In the Server Roles, go down till you will see the File and Storage Services. Then expand the service list and you will see the « Server for NFS ». Then select it and click on Install.

    Configure NFS settings

    Step 1 - In the Server Manager Dashboard, select File and Storage Services

    Step 2 - In the Servers List, right click on the server name. And select NFS Settings.

    Step 3 - In the NFS Settings, make sure you have protocol version selected.

    Step 4 - In the transport protocols, keep the setting by default.

    Step 5 - In the Identity Mapping, make sure to enable the external identity mapping source, which is your Active Directory Domain Services.

    Step 6 - In the Netgroup Source, keep the setting by default.

    Step 7 - In the Advanced Settings, keep the setting by default.

    Configure NFS Share

    Step 1 - Select the Share folder you want to share with NFS protocol

    Step 2 - Right click on the share and select properties. Then select NFS Sharing tab.

    Step 3 - Click on Manage NFS Sharing button and open the NFS Advanced Sharing menu. You will be able to activate the Share this folder option like in the following screen.

    Step 4 - Click on the Permissions button. You will be able to manage the export zone, this means select the ip that will be able to access in NFS the server. Allow root access is required.

    Step 5 - Once done, you can go back into the Server Manager dashboard and in the Share list, you will see the Share folder which has been configured.

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