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Performant and Scalable Data Archiving platform to archive Petabytes video and audio productions.

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Vertical: Media Entertainment
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Mikros Image is an award-winning, highly regarded French production services company that has long-standing relationships with a large number of customers and encompasses aspects of production and postproduction for feature animation, advertising, feature film and TV. The feature animation division has developed a proven and tested pipeline, built a strong team of artists and become a reference in this market. Its feature animation portfolio includes "Captain Underpants" or "Sherlock Gnomes".

Results at a Glance:
of archiving capacity increase
of storage scalability
post production worfklows integration

Their challenges

Mikros Image uses storage and archiving systems intensively for the digital production which are generated by different production servers. The primary storage are Quantum StorNext SAN and Hitachi HNAS. Once treatment completed, data are moved in an archive pools on on tape via NetVault through backup - restore procedures. The volume to be archived is rising the 1.7 Po of data per year. To handle their challenges, they would need an intelligent active archiving solution that allows to be reactive and able to master everything top - down in the tight delays. The solution must respond to the following criteria:


Strong scalable database.

  1. Reliable, secure, LTFS capability.
  2. Open API to do deep integration inside current workflow.

Why data archiving is important?

Typically, 60% to 80% of data is infrequently accessed within months of creation. It consumes expensive storage resources.

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Data Storage Management become a necessity

Whatever your industry and business needs, Nodeum automatically moves the data from the warmest storage to the coldest one while you keep 100% control.

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Mikros Image choose NODEUM Entreprise, which brings the following benefits :

  1. A single Catalog, customized with meta data to retrieve files & rules easily troughout the web interface.
  2. Scalability of the archive workflows.
  3. Data protection for a long term active archive conservation.
  4. Creating, configuring and updating advanced archive and reload workflows.
  5. Build workflow to move and copy data from external storage such as Stornext and HNAS.
  6. Zero risks of lock in. RESTful API and LTFS open the system.
  7. Intuitive, easy to use and to manage.
  8. Visualization of real-time use.

This solution provides advanced archiving capabilities and further more permit to abstract storage & pool behind a single file system.


As result, Nodeum fulfills the company requirements. The platform has an user-friendly interface and responds positively to the growing needs of Mikros Image in terms automation of data workflows and archiving :

  1. It's a scalable solution to handle the 1.7Po of archive volume per year.
  2. The product is LTFS certified by LTO
  3. It's a modern product providing natively data cataloging, metadata extention and RESTful API
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