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Mikros Image is an award-winning, highly regarded French production services company that has long-standing relationships with a large number of customers and encompasses aspects of production and postproduction for feature animation, advertising, feature film and TV. The feature animation division has developed a proven and tested pipeline, built a strong team of artists and become a reference in this market. Its feature animation portfolio includes "Captain Underpants" or "Sherlock Gnomes".

Results at a Glance:
of archiving capacity increase
of storage scalability
post production worfklows integration
Their Challenges

Mikros Image uses Hybrid Storage and Archiving Systems based on DellEMC ISILON and ORACLE Tape Library.  Their post production workflows required an intensive access to their digital production. Workflows depends to a large number of production servers.

Their digital assets have to be protected and archived during all the time of the production and even after. Today, the demand in post productions is so high that they can not keep all of their productions located in their primary storage ; it is why they need to get elasticity in offloading the production from their primary storage.  And they need for ensuring a proper business continuity, to move and protect all of their "masters". 

These assets have to protected into two different set of Tapes, one of them dedicated to their customers who needs to get access to the final mastering.

Due to the size of their assets, they require a very highly automated and performant solution.

To handle their challenges, they were looking for an intelligent archiving solution with these requirements :

  • Performance and easy of use.
  • Control of the data flow between the primary storages and the secondary storages in the tight delays.

And the solution has to answer to the following criteria:

  • Automation of workflow.
  • Open API to do deep integration inside current workflow.
  • Strong scalable database.
  • Reliable, secure.
  • LTFS capability.

Why data archiving is important?

Typically, 60% to 80% of data is infrequently accessed within months of creation. It consumes expensive storage resources.

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Data Storage Management become a necessity

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Why Nodeum ?

To meet their specific business needs, we have developed data protection and reload workflows. We work together with their team to be as close as possible to their business and do close validation in using their high level of expertise in the post production business.

With these innovations, we have provided to Mikros Image a solution which met their high level of expectations in term of quality and services. Furthermore the solution has been designed to help them controlling the production costs ; this in a context where it is never easy for any movie producer to close get the funds required for their production. The entire ecosystem is impacted.

In the past,  production time was 12 months of shooting, today, a shooting is about 3 months in average. It is why the dailies and rushes post production has to be done faster than ever, and this in keeping the same qualify of delivery.

Nodeum offered an innovative solution to reduce manipulation by automating workflows specific to the postproduction profession.

It is why Mikros Image choose Nodeum to reduce the overall cost of data protection and reduce the operation of their team.

The head of Postproduction and Data Labs likes these features :

  1. Workflows automation to manage the specific post production needs. 
  2. Only one product to manage data protection and archive.
  3. Scalability of the system to handle from TB to PB of data.
  4. A single interface to view the data stored on tapes.
  5. Integrity report integrated to facilitate the delivery to their customers.
  6. Zero risks of lock in : Open RESTful API and LTFS appliance.
  7. Intuitive, easy to use and to manage. 
  8. Visualization of real-time use.



As result, Nodeum fulfils the company requirements. The platform has an user-friendly interface and responds positively to the growing needs of Mikros Image in terms automation of data workflows and archiving :

  1. It's a scalable solution to handle the 1.7Po of archive volume per year.
  2. The product is LTFS certified by LTO
  3. It's a modern product providing natively data cataloging, metadata extension and RESTful API
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