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The evolution of the amount and resolution of digital media is taking place at breakneck speed in the world of production and post-production. So, a complete rethink is needed regarding the storage and archival capabilities of systems currently in use.

The amount of data to be stored, archived and managed by post-production after a shoot has become enormous. When you add duplication, conversion, encoding and other workflows tasks, the need for a better solution becomes obvious. It is said that in the coming years the media industry will create more than one Exabyte (1 million Terabyte) per year and many even see that as a conservative prediction.

On top of this, these workflows are now being used for more diagnostic purposes, creating an even greater acceleration in data being generated.

In reading this document, you can learn how Nodeum responds to this explosive demand for large-scale storage and archival with a highly innovative solution that has been recommended by experts and analysts alike.