Smart Catalog

Build to manage easily billions of unstructured data. Access data effortlessly, quickly in a self-service manner and integrate business workflows.

Intelligent content management platform

Storage is now seen as a vital need.  Professionnals are constantly trying to optimize the way they store and access their data. Next-generation storage Space tools deploy a mix of technologies like SSD, Spinning Disks, Tapes and Cloud solutions. In doing so, our Software-Defined Storage becomes a reliable tool in simplifying access to content in a transparent, fluid and secure way.


Find the specific file you were looking for thanks to our metadata catalog !

How does the smart search catalog work?

An intuitive platform manage the storage & archiving of billions of files. The web interface has a built-in catalog that keep the mandatory traceability of every file it has ever seen. The user can access any data stored on the platform.


It's Plug & Play !



Unique Catalog

Allows the users to search their data's they need. The search engine give in one click the different file hosted and the amount of TB or PB used and available. 



Filter your search

With the different filters, users can retrieve the exact data with minimal efforts. Refine your searches based on parameters like: keywords, metadata, localization.



Select your file

The catalog displays the files based on the filter and keyword you have indicated. The results are display instantantly. Each data string is completed with a description containing: name, file size, location (cache, tape...), date of creation. etc.



 Unlock the potential of metadata

It's now possible to extend the content with Metadata , this feature is directly integrated in the plaftorm. Its capability to structure the storage of content efficiently is unique and make your search smart, easy and fast. It is built automatically with the data injected into our platform, encompassing all data managed by Nodeum, regardless of the media used.

With the build-in indexation engine,  your enterprise allows to sort the data catalog and makes connections to speed up searches. It offers advanced full-text search capabilities and optimization for high volume traffic.

The metadata index linked to the data accelerates automatic searches and makes it user friendly. This will not only boost the productivity of your teams but the quality of data treatment and help you to grow your business.

Easy to use, Rest API available and vendor neutral

Solve all your storage performance problems with a one-step solution for storage virtualization through multi-tiering, medata management, data analysis and long term dat duplication.

"NODEUM’s “State of the Art” and organic REST API enables the solution to be sleek and fast. End-users easily store data and navigate quickly and intuitively to what they want and need. "