Storage Data Analysis

Work smarter, not harder, with our key performance indicator!

Intelligent content management platform

Today, it is not easy to maintain a global overview while actively running your business. We know from our customers the complexity to retrieve the usage of each data stored.

It's why we bring a feature to provide an overview of all data stored. Businesses can keep track of any metrics, from when the data have been created to when it has been used for the last time and by who. 

The platform provide KPIs to help you to manage your business troughout your data storage and archive.  These KPIs bring you a 360° view insight of the current storage and archiving ; you can easily make strategic decisions based on performance metrics.

Track the data usage

 A combination of storage analysis, workflow manager and data cataloging allows users to deal with a huge volume of stored data.

Storage KPIs can be used to monitor disk usage patterns (by file, user, or share directory), to track quota usage and file used etc. 

With this information, you are capable to analyze and to determinate which data must be archive for example.

With Nodeum, it's now easy to move, store and archive in a all in one solution your data based on usage statistics to reduce costs and improve efficiency and performance.



Trends Analysis

Display trends about the usage of data with the
capability to display information per share folder, per user, groupe of user.


Behavior Analysis

The trends analysis information provides some indicators.

Ex. : How to improve the behavior of the platform?

These improvements increase performance, reliability and effectiveness in reducing the cost.


Predictive Analysis

This is the ultime advantage in getting automatic improvement of data positionning learning from the usage of the data.


Personalised Configuration

The data analysis feature can be customized to fit into your need. Structure the parameters in a way that best fits your business to optimize statistic results.

 “Customize your configuration because no one knows your business better than you!”

 Its simplifies configuration as you only have to add a category name and select an extension.

Imagine you have different sources generating high volumes of data ; with this feature you can create groups to classify the contents.

Complex Workflows Is Past

The platform manages file sharing for complex workflows in our scale out storage environment, which includes files stored on diverse storage platforms (from disk, flash, cloud and tapes). This is a powerful tool for workflow optimization while keeping your performance requirements met.

The solution meets the performance requirements by integrating our solution with your current workflow and scaling an increasing amount of data without breaking your IT budget.