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Valery Guilleaume12.12.20191 min read

3 important lessons learned about Storage Scalability…

Exponential growth of data volumes put any company at risk .... 

  • You can’t lose any data.
  • You must secure and protect the data from many different threats.
  • Backup Window too tight.
  • You waste more time to find back and access data.
  • Increased storage complexity and decreased efficiency...

Is it possible to avoid those issues in a cost-efficient manner ? Yes… but you need to solve 3 types of problems…

First problem to solve is a trade-off one

  • Some solutions are good to store, archive and protect data.
  • Other solutions are better to find and access data.

Second problem is to care for your end-users AND your IT OPS

  • “End-users” want to access their data directly without any special requests.
  • IT OPS want a self-service model for not being always in the loop and “blamed” for delays.

Third problem is the most critical one

  • Nobody wants storage “silos”.
  • Nobody wants technical lock-in.

Any seamless / all-in-one solution share these characteristics

  • Run on commodity hardware and are vendor agnostic.
  • Use an easy, highly scalable catalog.
  • Create the metadata you need to automate your workflows. 
  • Add any storage in a simple, effective way.
  • Use open API’s so you can manage your data on flash, disks, tapes or clouds.

In summary, you have 2 options :

1. You don’t make the right trade-offs and the risks are real :

  • Having silos
  • Dissatisfied teams
  • Budget overruns
  • Increased complexity

2. On the contrary, if you unify your storage ecosystem, you will have the best of both words :

  • More productivity
  • More flexibility
  • Less costs
  • More workflow automation possibilities
  • More collaborative teams

These informations help you ? Need more informations, let us know and comments this blog.