Nodeum as a Storage Data management

Connect any End-User pipeline with their data

Improve your operations with easy-to-use, intuitive storage and process management system that works across multiple storage silos. Achieving a high performance workflow is essential for every industry impacted by the exponential data growth and interested in optimization of their data movement and data placement whenever their location.

One platform to manage all storage solutions

Define the right movement for your data

Understand the difference between archive, backup and data protection.

Data Migration

Organize the migration of your data between your different storage systems whatever the model, the version or the technology.

Data Archiving

Move elected data to secondary storage tier to decrease the capacity of primary storage in keeping the access of your data online.


Data Protection

User centric backup approach to eliminate disruption and ensure business continuity with a reliable and easily accessible offline archive.

Workflow Manager

Policy-Based Workflow Manager

We design an automated solution for scheduling task executions.

Data Movement Workflows

System allows the creation of different data movement tasks. This can be defined per data set and per storage but also with a certain level of policy : Migration, Archiving (Active, Offline), Protection.

Extended Data Set Selector

An unlimited data set selector brings granularity in the data you have to select. Movement can be executed between any type of storage from storage where hot data are stored to cold storage.


The internal scheduler can execute automatically, manual or scheduled task.


Two different types of filtering are available : basic and advanced. Advanced provides embedded scripting editor. 

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Storage Manager

NAS, Cloud, Tape Storage Management

We built connectors to unify the access of different types of storage systems.

Nodeum - Product Shoot - Storage Manager
NAS Storage

Connect any NAS connections and target mapping in using standard protocols NFS and SMB.

Cloud Storage

S3 compatible cloud storage connector allows the connection of any Public Cloud Storage Provider (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage) and also S3 compatible Object Storage systems.

Tape Storage

Library Manager brings the capability to address any SCSI driven Tape Library, ACSLS Tape Library and Standalone Tape Drives. Most of known systems are supported. Furthermore the open format, LTFS is used as standard solution for writing to tapes.

Secondary Storage Virtualization

Virtual File System

We design a transparent layer on top of storage systems such as NAS, Cloud, Tape ; keep an eye on each file, click on it and get it even if it is store on secondary storage.

Full Feature NAS

SMB/NFS sharing protocols
S3 compatible
Advanced User Permission

Unlimited File Storage

Network Shared Folder, drag and drop
Fast Local Caching
Less used data move to slower secondary tiers
Integrity check

Extend the File System

Fast contents indexation Engine
Web interface to search after data
Metadata customization
Data Protection Enabled
Intelligent content management platform

Data Management as a Service Infrastructure

Build to manage easily billions of unstructured data. Access data effortlessly, quickly in a self-service catalog manner and integrate business workflows.

Unique Catalog

Allows easy search for the user in catalog. The search engine give in one click the different file hosted.

Filter your search

With the different filters, users can retrieve the exact data with minimal efforts. Refine your searches based on parameters like: keywords, metadata, localization.

Visualize Data Lifecycle

The catalog displays all files based on the filter and keyword you indicate. The results are displayed right away. Each data string is completed with a description containing: name, file size, location (cache, tape...), date of creation. etc.

Nodeum - Product Shoot - Images Data Enrichment
Unlock the potential of metadata

Get the most of your data

Accelerates automatic searches and makes it user friendly. This will boost the productivity of your teams and the quality of data treatment to help you to grow your business.


File Metadata

Content metadata extension directly integrates in the platform
Structure the storage of content efficiently
Make your search smart, easy and fast

Task Metadata

Extend the possibility of workflow with additional custom metadata
Public API RESTful

Automating and controlling your data management


Allows for a tight integration with the business workflows within the industry, allowing for control of the Data straight from source application.

OpenAPI and SDK

Accelerate the usage of API in your environment with available SDK (GO, Python, Java).

Customer Approved
Build to automate the data management into any customer workflows. Use cases are available of customers using the API directly into their applications.
Nodeum API
Reporting & Audit

Monitor your Data Management Activities

Data Analysis 2


Storage Global Overview

Show what is the exact storage usage based on criteria such as: creation date, last access date and location of the data. 

Data Lifecycle Analysis

Provides a detailed overview of storage usage by users, user groups, categories, data types and file sizes.



Data Management

Track important events such as who performed certain actions and the time they happened. These actions could be, for example, task creation, task edition, storage configuration modification.

Data Access

Monitor the files activity and be informed about user actions such as who performed file creation, file deletion or file modification..

Data Management Audit-1

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