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Monitor your Data Management Activities


Drag & Drop Capability

Design your own dashboard, add, move, resize and delete widgets.

Multi Type Widget

Multi Stats and charts widget are available to help you to display the right data management dashboard.

Nodeum - Product Feature - Dashboard - Reporting
Trend Analytic - Data lifecycle

Trends Storage Analytic

Storage Global Overview

Show what is the exact storage usage based on criteria such as: creation date, last access date and location of the data. 

Data lifecycle Analysis

Provides a detailed overview of storage usage by users, user groups, categories, data types and file sizes.

This report is dedicated for active data.


Top 10 metadata used by file or by task

Tape Reporting

Full report on tape.  See the location out or in Tape Library, which Pool are dedicated to tape.

Check the Usage of the tape and the activity (Tape Mount, Dataset written/Read)

Export report in CSV or PDF and Customize the report

Nodeum - Product Feature - Tape Reporting
Data Management Audit-1


Data Management

Track important events such as who performed certain actions and the time they happened. These actions could be, for example, task creation, task edition, storage configuration modification.

Data Access

Monitor the files activity and be informed about user actions such as who performed file creation, file deletion or file modification..



Turn any Linux platform to a Nodeum appliance in deploying easily an Ansible package. Get the most of your hardware, avoid any locking and get the most of next releases.

Highly Scalable

Scalability in data volumes, number of files and overall performance allow to grow with your needs in keeping the same user experience.

Intuitive Interface

Provide a natural and unique experience for any user using the solution. This helps to keep focus on your business and productivity.

Key Features

Discover the full set of features available into Nodeum. Develop a business focus data management strategy to unlock the value and potential of your data.

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