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Metadata management

metadata management

Get the most of your data.  Enjoy the capability to customize, tag, and retrieve your file.

File Metadata

We understand the importance of metadata in enhancing your data management processes, which is why we offer seamless integration of your content metadata extension. By incorporating this powerful integration, you can effortlessly organize your content and make it easily accessible to optimize your overall data management experience.

Preserving Metadata

Nodeum prioritizes the preservation of metadata throughout all data movement operations.

With our innovative metadata mapping feature, you can be confident that your content, no matter its format or location, will seamlessly transition and be effectively managed.

Even if  the content locates in different storage system, Nodeum manages natively the transition of the metadata.  Data movement capabilities ensure the consistency and reliability of the metadata.

The objective is to ensure that no matter how your data is being transferred, the valuable metadata associated with it remains intact.


Manage your metadata with ease

Improve your data management with the seamless integration of our content metadata extension.

With this powerful integration, you can easily organize your content, ensuring it is structured and readily accessible.

Enjoy a more intelligent, simplified, and quicker search process as the metadata effortlessly categorizes and filters your data. Whether your content is stored in different formats and locations, our metadata mapping feature guarantees a smooth transition and efficient management.

Rely on Nodeum as Data Management software to optimize your content storage and retrieval, making your experience truly exceptional.

Manage the metadata of various storage types

Metadata management varies for different types of storage.

For file systems, extended attributes are commonly used, while for S3 compatible storage, metadata management is included in the protocol. The same applies to tape storage, where LTFS specifies how metadata should be handled.

Nodeum keep the traditional "attributes" : 


modeMetaKey = "Mode" 
uidMetaKey = "Uid"
gidMetaKey = "Gid"
mtimeMetaKey = "Mtime"
ctimeMetaKey = "Ctime"
atimeMetaKey = "Atime"

S3, metadata are set as x-amz-meta-key:

Additional metadata

Conservation of additionnal metadata

To organize and bring more structure to unstructured data, user needs to add specific business attributes.

These additional metadata created by the users are kept during each data movement. The preservation is full and secure. 

Example :

A file mytestext which has an extended attribute defined:

root@srv1:~# getfattr mytestext -d
# file: mytestext
user.ship="boat 1"

Nodeum moves the file into a S3 compatible Object Storage, the following metadata will be defined:  x-amz-meta-custom-ship=”boat 1”.  Additional Metadata are always following the files.  

Facilitate the selection

Filtering Module 

By utilizing metadata in our advanced filtering module, you can further enhance your data management capabilities.

It allows to effectively sort and refine your data based on specific metadata parameters, ensuring that you can quickly access the information you need.

With our expertise and dedication to preserving metadata, we guarantee that your platform will truly stand out as exceptional.

filtering module
Accelerate the search

Custom Metadata

The solution enables users to define additional metadata that can be utilized for tagging each file. Furthermore, these additional tags can accelerate the content search process.

Screenshot File Custom Metadata


Categorize and filter content effortlessly, making your search process smarter, easier, and faster.