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The Impact of Unstructured Data On Your Business

Generation of digital content is growing at breakneck speed. The development of new technologies available for the genetics, life science, broadcasting, video surveillance industries and the preservation of the planet are directly confronted to find solutions answering these needs.

6 BIG challenges are a game changer in the Data Management landscape  : 

  • Explosion of unstructured data 
  • Accessing data quickly and effortlessly
  • Longer-term data retention policies
  • Increased absolute data security and integrity,
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Environmental and cost considerations prioritizing reduced storage energy consumption

How Data management can help Enterprise to manage their Unstructured Data?

First, start with some definitions to better understand how processes can help an organization to control unstructured data.

Data Management is one process that describes the data you expect to acquire or generate during the course of a project, how you will manage, describe, analyze, and store those data, and what mechanisms you will use at the end of your project to share and preserve your data.

Organizations must keep in mind how storage management has changed in recent years. Today, it is already in place in industries such as research center, or production company

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a written document that describes the data you expect to acquire or generate during the course of a research project, how you will manage, describe, analyze, and store those data, and what mechanisms you will use at the end of your project to share and preserve your data.

You may have already considered some or all of these issues concerning your research project, but writing them down helps you formalize the process, identify weaknesses in your plan, and provide you with a record of what you intend(ed) to do.


Some industries are pioneer in the adoption of enhanced data management process



Research Center

In case of Research Project it's, this methodology is already Well-Known and use.  The Data Manager Officer needs software to help him in their day-to-day stuff to be sure that his data management plan is well manage. Data management is best addressed in the early stages of a research project, but it is never too late to develop a data management plan.

Varicolored abstract illustration of zigzag irregular polygons like so many angular bacteria under a microscope

Broadcasting - Media Production - VOD

For these industries, better the contents producers are organised better the cycle of production, delivery and the quality are. The news players in these market create their own process to make sure that all of their partner ecosystem bring the same quality for each production. Move elected data to secondary storage tier to decrease the capacity of primary storage in keeping the access of your data online.

And even others

Other Enterprises or Organisations can also impact by these requirements such like Government or Weather Institutes....

It's a new way to organize your data, where the needs for research and traceability are highlighted


You will have understood it, A good Data Management Plan is essential.


Nodeum take care about the data management storage plan.

Well Protected

Designed for the Enterprise

Nodeum is for teams who want to simplify their data movements and enhanced collaboration around data sharing

Commons processes can be easily implemented with your Data Management Storage Software.

Enterprises formalize their Data Management plan by following "The 3-2-1 protocol". Some major players such as Netflix and others follow these rules for their data management.

3-2-1 protocol

  • 3 verified copies 
  • 2 type of Media -> LTO & Disk need to use
  • 2 type of Storage format to battle to reduce risk of dust - humidity - heat. ...)
  • 1 separated Geo Localisation

Define your protection plan

  • multiple copy of each content
  • stored in  multiple destinations
  • on different media (disk, LTFS LTO Tapes...)


Define your Verification Plan

Don't forget to check each archive copy ! It's certainly the most important thing to keep in mind.  Use for the checksum to be sure your data are the same between the source and the destination.



Each copy - same checksum

  • Generate checksum for each file at the source and at the destination.
  • Compare both calculated checksum.
  • Different checksum integrity are available : MD5 - XXHASH64BE.

Keep the chain of custody

With the task report and the file processed list, make sure to keep the custody for each task you run into Nodeum.

Stay simple | reliable | flexible

Some References


One platform to manage all storage solutions

Define the right movement for your data

Understand the difference between archive, backup and data protection.


Data Migration

Organize the migration of your data between your different storage systems whatever the model, the version or the technology.


Data Archiving

Move elected data to secondary storage tier to decrease the capacity of primary storage in keeping the access of your data online.


Data Protection

User centric backup approach to eliminate disruption and ensure business continuity with a reliable and easily accessible offline archive.

Workflow Manager

Policy-Based Workflow Manager

We design an automated solution for scheduling task executions 

Data Movement Workflows

System allows the creation of different data movement tasks. This can be defined per data set and per storage but also with a certain level of policy : Migration, Archiving (Active, Offline), Protection.

Extended Data Set Selector

An unlimited data set selector brings granularity in the data you have to select. Movement can be executed between any type of storage from storage where hot data are stored to cold storage.


The internal scheduler can execute automatically, manual or scheduled task.


Two different types of filtering are available : basic and advanced. Advanced provides embedded scripting editor. 

Nodeum - Product Shoot - Data Manager-1

Discover Nodeum Use Cases In Your Industry

Managing more and more unstructured data puts companies at risk with higher costs and higher complexity, leading to a possible loss of control. 

Nodeum is an effective Data Management Software, helping organizations to make the best decision about their data from creation to archiving so IT productivity goes up ; cost and complexity are under control; and IT becomes a strategic partner of the company.

Data Management in Life Science

Provides open access to data, makes data findable, including
the use of metadata. With the goal of interoperability and increased data reuse

Data Management in Research
An advanced search system for easier and faster access to files. A unique, customized catalog with metadata to easily find files through a web interface
Data Management in Media

Automate complex workflows to deliver film productions to film production companies including demanding quality processes during delivery

Data Management in Financial Institution

Data protection and archiving as a service for business units to provide a user-centric approach to protect data

Data Management in University

Expand 3-2-1 rules to archive and automate the flow of data movements and provide "file level" traceability to meet a high level of demand for 10,000+ users

Data Management in HPC - Cloud Computing

Service to facilitate exploiting the cluster’s storage architecture, and orchestrate data transfers between the different storage layers


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