Nodeum includes connectors to unify the access of different types of storage systems. 

Storage Manager

NAS, Cloud, Tape Storage Management

We built connectors to unify the access of different types of storage systems. 

Nodeum - Product Shoot - Storage Manager

Nodeum Storage Manager is positioned as an adequate response to the need to abstract different storage silos such as disk tapes, and the cloud. This includes Pool management to identify these two types of  Storage:

  1. Primary Storage which is the first layer where the production of the Data is managed. Enterprise needs very fast disk, very low latency, and high IOPS.
  2. Secondary Storage which is where data are cascaded from the primary storage, often it is the storage layer is located the data is less often used. The secondary storage can be a NAS, a private Cloud, a Public Cloud, or even a Tape Library. All of these are behind the same logical interface.

In addition, pool management is also specially designed for tape management. This provides a logical abstraction on top of multiple tapes and allows to archive of a large set of data to tapes without preparation of the source directory. This simplifies the day-to-day management; it is very easier for the archiving team.


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Connect any NAS connections and target mapping in using standard protocols NFS and SMB. Currently supported versions of the NFS protocol are NFS v3 and NFS v4. For SMB, the currently supported versions are SMB v2 and SMB v3. 


Most of the major vendors and their storage solutions are supported by Nodeum. More information can be found on the Technology Partners page.


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Nodeum S3 compatible cloud storage connector allows the connection of any Public Cloud Storage Provider (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage) and also S3 compatible Object Storage systems.

The system prevents any lock-in and always gives the freedom to the customer to schedule data movement from any cloud provider to any alternative cloud provider. This can be scheduled at the frequency the customer decides.


Nodeum supports Server-side encryption which is about protecting data at rest, it encrypts only the object data, not object metadata. The 3 types of Amazon's Server-Site Encryption modes: SSE-S3, SSE-C, and SSE-KMS are available.



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Library Manager brings the capability to address any SCSI driven Tape Library, ACSLS Tape Library and Standalone Tape Drives. Most of known systems are supported. LTO Tape Drives from LTO5 to LTO9 are supported.


TapeAlerts are collected by Nodeum from tape drives and tapes. These information provides a status monitoring and problem detection capability for tape devices and tape directly from the tape and the tape drive.


Nodeum uses the LTFS open format to write data on magnetic tapes. The LTFS format (Linear Tape File System) is a format supported by the drive and tape library manufacturers which are the founders of the LTO Ultrium consortium. This format has existed since the LTO-5 generation. It offers the unique feature to store both data and index data on tape.

A tape written with the LTFS format can be read independently of any storage system and offers a file system to access the data written on that tape. The LTFS drivers for any kind of operating system can read the index and then execute functions like copy, update or delete. It is also possible to use a graphical interface for features like a simple drag and drop.

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Catalog in real-time data stored in any of your storage systems (primary and secondary storages). Accessing and finding your data have never been easier.

Leverage Cloud ML/AI

Enrich data stored on premise or in cloud with the best Cloud based ML/AI engines. Get the most of these platforms to facilitate the organization and classification of your contents. 

Reporting & Analysis

Storage data usage statistics reporting and data lifecycle overview. Generate your reports on the current data usage, control and master your data lifecycle.

TCO Simulator

Toolbox to control the cost of your storage usage. Provide simulation of the cost impact of a new Storage Data Management Strategy.


Turn any Linux platform to a Nodeum appliance in deploying easily an Ansible package. Get the most of your hardware, avoid any locking and get the most of next releases.

Highly Scalable

Scalability in data volumes, number of files and overall performance allow to grow with your needs in keeping the same user experience.


Enjoy the capability to customize, tag and retrieve your files' metadata. Facilitate your organisation 

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