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Jessica Delage08.31.20222 min read

Still not convinced about the importance of Disaster Recovery and Backup ?


In the past, disaster recovery and backup have always been considered a cost center, and most of the time, data protection solutions were chosen based solely on price. No one thought about the risk of data loss or business continuity.

Today, this is no longer true; ransomware, and cyber-attacks, ... are no longer something that will never happen; in today's life, it is a reality and many organizations are affected by these threats every day.

That's why we think it's important to share with you some statistics about the impact of data loss and recovery.  It's incredible!

It is why we encourage you to write a plan to avoid such kind of situation.

60% of Businesses Will Close Within 6 Months 

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According to the National Cybersecurity Alliance, 60 percent of small businesses that experience significant data loss are forced to close within six months of the disaster. An incredible 72 percent fall by the wayside within two years.

75% of IT managers who had a backup system in place couldn’t restore all of the lost data.

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From the 57% who have a backup in place, three-thirds couldn’t recover the entire information. And 23% of people with a backup solution couldn’t restore any data at all.

Less than 10% of businesses back up their data each day.

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How often should a business back up its data? Well, the frequency of backups depends on the nature and scope of the company. But only with daily backups, you’ll completely avoid the risk of losing valuable time and resources, not to mention reputation.

93% of companies that suffer a major disaster and don’t have a recovery plan close down within a year.

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This stat shows that not only small businesses should realize the importance of data disaster recovery. The majority of companies without a plan in place can’t survive for more than a year after the disaster.

97% of data affected by a ransomware attack was recovered after paying the ransom.

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Paying the fee demanded doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be provided with the working decryption key, nor that you will be able to recover all data. Still, disaster recovery facts from 2019 show that 98% of the victims got a working decryption key and that 97% of data was successfully decrypted.


Then how to Protect Your Business from Data Loss ?

Solution : Have a Plan !

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are the key element to solve this. A DMP describes the data management life cycle for all data collected, processed, and/or generated. This enforces to get all of these data protected on time; and ready to be recovered anytime.

Today it's time to understand how to:

  • simplify the backup of your petabyte-scale storage with a "storage-aware," file-oriented data management platform.
  • easy to recover lost files or full storage content on any storage system.
  • get a reliable data protection solution when your data growth scales to billions of files and petabytes of data.
  • reroute production workflow to the secondary storage repository in the event of an incident on your high-capacity primary storage