Jessica Delage August 28, 2017 at 8:01 PM 1 min read

How to create your automated GDPR compliant policies ?

With the complexity of the GDPR rules, you must find a solution to keep your attention on the good stuff to manage and to be sure that the regulations policies are respected by your company to facilitate the work of the IT Audit manager and to help you to manage this important change because much fee must be pay if your company don't respect the GDPR Rules.

Do you know a product which can :

  • automate your protection policies via workflow specific
  • assure the surveillance of the protection policies
  • easy to use

Right now, you are focusing to well understand the GDPR'rules and you haven't any idea to manage the impact on your business.  It's a new burden; you have responsability for you, your business continuity and your company.

Take 10' of your time to read how with Nodeum we can manage your specific workflow?