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Jessica Delage11.07.2017< 1 min read

How to Offload data from an isilon to tape or cloud ?

You have maybe a problem to store your data on the best storage medium.

You are an happy Isilon user and you use this scale-out disk solution to store your primary data and your dream would be to offload some of data to others storages tiers..

Some of our customers have the same questions. With Nodeum, our storage management platform it's very easy for them to unload their data from an Isilon on premise to others technologies such as LTFS tapes or cloud.

How to do it  ? You just have to only create a workflow to migrate the right content to the right destination. With the provided dashboard and the catalog, you still keep the control of your data.

Even more, you can classify your data as you want and as the storage are virtualized, you can retrieve very easily the data on a self-service way.

Let's a look on the use case which explain how our customer have found the solution to their needs.

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