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LTFS Appliance
Jessica Delage04.27.2021< 1 min read

Need to replace your Scalar iBlade?

Are you looking for a replacement for your Scalar LTFS iBlade ?

You like the Scalar LTFS because it enables a NAS tape archive for file-based storage of unstructured data. It offers an active archive solution and provides easy access to users' files. It's just a NAS share where end-users can drag and drop files when files are copied on LTFS tapes.

You will also like the LTFS Archive Appliance by Nodeum.

We invite you to read our article about LTFS APPLIANCE 

  Scalar LTFS iBlade LTFS Archive Appliance
By Nodeum
Active archive Solution Yes Yes
NAS Share Yes Yes
Certified LTFS by LTO Consortium Yes Yes
Support Quantum Tape Library Yes Yes
Tape Reporting Yes Yes
Policy-Based Orchestration  No Yes
Catalog with advanced search system No  Yes