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release 1.94
Jessica Delage03.08.20223 min read

Nodeum Announces New Release 1.94


To learn how these enhancements help you to manage your storage and your data management, discover each items in details.

This new version includes different main features such as :

  • Extend Integrity checksum with xxHASH64
  • Support Glacier Storage Tier as S3 Secondary Storage
  • Support Quantum Active Scale Cold Storage
  • Reporting of Tape Drives and Tapes Statistics health information
  • Design archiving task reporting to help "Postproduction" companies to accelerate their delivery to VOD service provider such as Netflix
  • Support MHL parsing to accelerate archive verification.
  • Integrate Rclone as S3 backend
  • Integrate SAML Authentication in the Web application. 


Integration of xxHASH64 as a support integrity checksum. This to complete the current available formats : CRC-32 and MD5-hash.

xxHash is an extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm, working at RAM speed limit. It is a well know format in the media industry. With this new feature, it is now possible to use this format in the overall process (from the camera to the archive and to the final customer).

The main advantage of this type of integrity checksum is the time of calculation. The performance is faster than MD5 which reduce the lose of time during the archive process.



activeScale Cold Storage
Quantum Active Scale Cold Storage as S3 Secondary Storage

Extend the current Quantum Active Scale Storage connector in Nodeum to allow the support of the new Active Scale Cold Storage product version.

With this extension : 

  • Nodeum user can manage bucket(s) which are used as Cold Storage and bucket(s) used as normal Storage; this is in the same storage definition.
  • Nodeum user can start handling data archive movement directly to a "Glacier" Storage storage class.
  • An additional workflow has been defined to allow data retrieval between "Glacier Storage Class" and "Standard Storage Class".
Drive and Tapes Statistics Report
Tape Reporting feature has been extended with additional information related to the tape usage. Metrics are available to mesure the % of compression, the number of read and writes errors, number of times the tape has been mounted in a drive, ...
Similar information are also available for each tape drives.



mhl parsing
Extension of the File Parser to support MHL file format

MHL (Media Hash List) is a standard format and specifies how a common inventory list of a folder’s content looks like. It is XML format, that lists all the files in a folder and all of its subfolders as well as the corresponding checksums. Media Hash List utilizes the widely used MD5, and xxhash hashing algorithms. 

Technically speaking, the MHL file comprehends all the information necessary to tell if the folder structure or any of the contained files was modified since the MHL file was created. 

Archiving task reporting

"Postproduction" companies need to accelerate the delivery of their content to VOD service provider such as Netflix. 

The delivery guidelines include a definition how the tape contents must be described. This means that each shipment of tapes must include information about the rushes available in each tape.

Archiving task reporting
RCLONE support
Integrate the support of Rclone in the S3 connector list. This provide compatibility with a list of 40 cloud storage products supported by Rclone.
Certified Rclone as client to connect the Nodeum Container through the Nodeum S3 interface.

SAML Authentication

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, in particular, between an identity provider and a service provider. 

Nodeum extends its user management to allow SAML 2.0 protocol. With this implementation, users are able to sign in to multiple software applications using the same login details with SAML.


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