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Jessica Delage05.09.20191 min read

Nodeum with Cloudian - How to secure data from object storage

Many companies are facing a data generation acceleration and even an explosion. This is only a start. Today, companies can hardly predict how much data they will generate and store in 3 or 5 years from now. These industries will face much longer term retention policy. At the same time, they will have to reconsider the higher data security and an absolute data Integrity for any given data format.

Storing data is one easy thing. Accessing it quickly and effortlessly is another. In fact, you don’t manage 10 million files the same way that you manage 10 thousand files. Silo storages are good technology to cope with past volumes.

However, we know that new data “Spaces and Requirements” need new technological solutions, and adding different silo storages increase the complexity on how the data are accessed. We understood that “Storage Energy Consumption” has become a top listed priority. A more effective, more economical and greener solution has become a must.

Traditionally, data is kept on primary enterprise storage devices, resulting in high costs and relatively short retention times. By taking advantage of low-cost digital tape storage and advanced storage management software, Nodeum and Cloudian can provide increased retention times at lower cost in a solution that is easy to use.

Using Nodeum™ with Cloudian Hyperstore object storage combines best-in-class business application software with a high-performance, cost-efficient, scalable digital content storage and archiving solution. The solution provides an automated self-service platform to retain your business data longer while keeping up with increasing quantity and size while reducing your storage costs.


Nodeum - Cloudian - Product-brief


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