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A unique Data Mover to keep a total visibility & accessibility of any secondary data storage and to drastically decrease storage cost

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What's Archiving?

Data archiving is use to move inactive data to a secondary cheaper storage.  This secondary storage is recommand also for the long-term retention.

Experts and Analyst say that in most organizations, 80% or more of data are not used and this data stay on the primary storage which are very expensive in term of hardware but also in term of IT department which must manage all (firstly, the storage and secondly their backup and finally the data protection). 

By off-loading data, you freed up on the storage resources. As your business continues to accrue new data, a long-term storage and active archive solution is needed. 

Key Advantages for Archiving Large Data Sets


Improved Efficiency

Improve your operations with an easy-to-use, intuitive storage and process management system that works across multiple channels.


Leverage Data to Grow

Data is an important resource within any company. By being able to leverage, analyse, mine and re-use data, the archive is able to add additional value to your company.


Lower Costs

By moving your archive data to different storage types, the storage costs are significantly reduced.

Primary Storage to Object Storage

The data movement from a primary storage to object storage allows for the non-active data to be moved to commodity disk for a lower TCO, whilst still being visible and transparently available for your users and under your control. 



Primary Storage to Tapes

As we all know only roughly 20% on average of storage systems is active data. Nodeum's innovative solution allows you to move the other 80% of the data into tape solutions based on LTFS. This results in a much lower TCO, due to cost of infrastructure, but also cost of power consumption and cooling.


Primary Storage to Cloud

More and more businesses are moving their data into to the cloud, both to bring the cost of storage infrastructure down and also to enable easier collaboration and exchange of data. Especially, if you have an archive that needs to be accessed by external stake holders, a combination of on premises main storage combined with a cloud archive makes a lot of sense.


With Nodeum, the Best Archive Storage for Your Needs

Nodeum can combined all these options into a single transparent environment.

Moving data from and to primary disk, tapes and cloud solution.

With Nodeum the right data is at the right place with the right service level for the right user at the right cost.

Object Storage
Tape Storage
Cloud Storage
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