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Jessica Delage08.17.2017< 1 min read

A catalog with a search engine, it's your dream!

McKinsey, IDC, and many others say that knowledge workers spend more than 20% of their time searching for information.

And you, do you have the same problem?

Your business is most likely suffereing from this situation. Your collaborators waste too much time searching for information. You have no solution in mind to solve or decrease this lost time so that your collaborators can be more efficient and focus on their real jobs which is to use information to add value and grow the business.

You are not alone!

What would you think if your company could have a single catalog for all data, including content stored or archived on disk, tapes, flash or cloud? Each collaborator could retrieve the data they need as easily as they do a search on the internet.

This single catalog solution already exists. People using the solution love it because it allows them to do their jobs - to do more, better.

Take a look at the data sheet to learn more about the advantage of a single catalog and the benefit for your organisation. Help your collaborators to achieve more!