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Jessica Delage08.22.2017< 1 min read

Webinar : How to use a SDS in a data fabric?

Need to classify, store, and retrieve massive amounts of data?

On August 31st at 9am, Nodeum and ATTO will teach you how to do just that, as well as scale for rapid growth of data in the future.

Nodeum and ATTO have combined forces to create a solution that uses the power of software defined storage (SDS) in a data fabric environment for a robust storage system able to handle the most demanding data needs. The solution combines best-in-class hardware connectivity from ATTO and Nodeum, a hybrid SDS platform from Nodeum, enabling the user to implement:

  • Data abstraction
  • Data orchestration capabilities
  • Search functionality for business-critical data within petabytes of storage silos.

ATTO and Nodeum representatives will be on-hand after the presentation to answer questions.

Join us on August 31st, 9 am EST to learn how to solve your data problems and more.