Jessica Delage March 29, 2018 at 1:01 PM 2 min read

Antony Adshead from ComputerWeekly talks about Hybrid Cloud platform


I&O leaders are tasked with management of too much different storage silos 

We met so many companies which are annoyed by the management of their data flows across a lot of different data sources and locations. They are missing central data management and policies to place the data where it has to be processed.

Most of those we met can not determine if their organization is already ready to use public cloud storage services.

Their dream is to elaborate an hybrid cloud strategy, they need to be able to control data movement across the different tiers of storage. They want to keep the control to place the data either in a Public Cloud provider or either place in a private Cloud, Object Storage based.  

Antony Adshead, from Computer Weekly, has written recently an article about Hybrid Storage Cloud Platform. This article highlights the market convergence that is occurring in this new era of data management.

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Antony Adshead - ComputerWeekly

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