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Valery Guilleaume04.06.20182 min read

Discover Why Meeting Nodeum at NAB Offer You A Unique Opportunity!

Your Unique Opportunity In Real Time Storage Agility: Autonomy + Productivity + Scalability + Costs Savings

It’s NAB Time and we have a unique gift for you…

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More than 100,000 people will attend to discover the hottest trends, the latest technologies and meet experts from the world.

Like you, we are excited by this market facing many exciting innovations and challenges.

You know that the Media digital transformation allows today to be more creative, more productive, more qualitative than ever before.

You know that the Data Explosion is one of the challenge to solve.

And you know that the exponential increase of back-ups, storage and active archiving will not be solved by doing a bit better or a bit faster what was done in the past. 

Worse, some people will miss opportunities and face even more costs and complexity if they don’t act swiftly today. 

Here are a few important questions to answer in real time:

  • How much cost your archive & back-ups today?
  • How many hours do your people spend to simply move data around?
  • What is your total capacity installed? How is it used? By whom? For what?
  • How to make your system evolve in the best of your interest?

There are many emerging solutions around. That’s good. And it’s needed.

Nodeum is thrilled to be an active player at the forefront of that Industry.

We have been asked to present our most advanced solution by:

  • CLOUDIAN, one of the hottest Object Storage Company we partner with
  • DELL / EMC (no introduction needed!)

We will present how it’s possible for you, right now, to:

  • Manage all your Storage with a single pane of glass in a more intelligent and visual way than ever before so you can make more informed decision in real time.
  • Automate your workflows so you can be more productive with the real added value tasks you’re in charge of.
  • Place the right data at the right place where you want to process it and store it.
  • Keep total control and autonomy on the technologies and vendors you prefer.
  • Scale out your storage in a big way and still drastically reduce your storage costs / TB (so your CFO becomes your advocate !)

Meet me at the CLOUDIAN booth or at DellEMC one.

But it gets even better…

I have a unique gift for you.

This year we celebrate the 20 years of our company and we offer a unique opportunity to only 20 companies.

Move from “where you are now” to “where you want to be”.

Imagine that you can, this very year :

  • Slash some of your costs down by a factor of 20
  • Accelerate your implementation by a factor of 10
  • Reduce any risks of Project management and Integration
  • And still have the “Bespoke Solution” you want for collecting easy and fast the results you desire.

And this could be you.

Sound too good to be true? 

Click the button below now to schedule an appointment with me to be part of this “Unique Group of 20 Companies” that will outperform their peers in their storage management. (20 customers is 1% of our today’s Prospects List).

Schedule a meeting

I am really looking forward seeing you in the NAB and present you this one-time-offer !